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The Secret Elements of Stacking a Day for Practice Growth




Do you think you are too busy to see more patients? Do you think you are too introverted, lack personality, intelligence or even good luck to build a large practice? Building your practice is more headspace than muscle. Whatever excuses you make for having a small practice or for not being able to break through your plateaus, Dr. Fernandez will help you clear your headspace, transform your thinking and shed the chains that bind you down.

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One of the most difficult things to do is to jump out of your comfort zone. Comfort zone practicing makes your practice a plateau practice. This makes the days long, boring and very unproductive. While you stay on a plateau, your expenses keep going up and staff motivation goes down. There are many elements that go into stacking a day for practice growth. But, time and time again, the clients of Dr. Fernandez have proven that this is one of the best ways to push their practice to levels they never reached before. Don't miss this class on how to do it the right way. It will bring excitement and life back into your practice, yourself and your CAs. (23 min)

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What I offer as a practice consultant is a bridge. More precisely, I offer my clients a “bridge to success” through coaching, education, instruction, teaching them a common sense approach to practice development.  Too often, chiropractors “get stuck” and need a way out of a financial, insurance, patient, practice development predicament. If they wait too long, they risk being swept under a financial tide that they didn’t see coming.

You’ll find that our on-line video seminars offer you an easy way to access expert practice-building information on a variety of topics.

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The future of chiropractic is going to be dominated by engaged, creative and informed doctors who make knowledgeable decisions based on common sense recommendations.  Get on the bridge and follow it to a more successful and satisfying practice.

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